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Easter at Kalymnos
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Easter is very special in Greece and on Kalymnos in particular.
Starting with Palm Sunday  till Easter Sunday,  morning and evening, in all Churches and Monasteries no Mass is the same following the Byzantine Orthodox tradition.

On Holy Thursday in the Evening it is the Mass of the 12 Gospels, after the 5th Gospel when the Crucifixion is read out, the mourning for the Lord begins and after midnight when the Mass ends the gathering of flowers begins to decorate the Epitaph on Good Friday.

On Good Friday, after the Mass of Lowering the Lord’s Body into the Epitaph, the tradition is for each family to go to the Cemetery for a Memorial Service for gone family members. In the evening all the Epitaphs from all the Churches gather at the port and the processions begin. The crowd is big but relatively quiet and chanting the hymns of the day !

Holy Saturday at 12:00, watch for  the First Resurrection in Church, afterwards the kids burn the dummy of Judas that is hanging in the Church courtyard.

Late in the afternoon of Holy Saturday  all the housewives are busy preparing the "mououri" the stuffed lamb or goat, which is placed in a huge clay pot, on top of vine branches and sealed with dough. It will remain also sealed in the fire burning ovens to simmer for 24hrs. This is a world famous Kalymnian tradition and if you happen to be on Telendos during the preparation of the lamp, watch out, because men and children alike while preparing the oven fire, collect the ashes and start “smudging” one another..............  

Late at night at the On Midnight when Easter Sunday breaks, the Great Mass of Resurrection takes Place when “Christos Anesti” is chanted time and time again by the entire congregation !
Christ, Our Lord has Risen ! Defeating Death helping Mankind Rise from the Darkness !
It is also Spring, the rebirth of the earth, the flowers bloom and smell wonderfully, the atmosphere    
is now elated fireworks go off, Everyone Celebrating !

The customs of the island are well connected to the Sea and Byzantium !