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Churches & Monasteries
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Overlooking the Port of Kalymnos, is the Monastery of All Saints with the Church of St. Savvas of Kalymnos, the Island’s Patron Saint.
A recently proclaimed Saint of the Orthodox Faith, he was the Student of St. Nektarios of Aegina.                                                            
St. Savvas resided at the Monastery which is a Nunnery and was also its Chaplain.                                  
He taught all over the Island and took care of the needy.  Many years after his passing, a sweet aura started emerging from his grave
and his remains were found intact. Now he has been moved in His Church and is being visited every year not only by the local people
but by many nationalities the world over as his miracles have never stopped happening !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
The Monastery of All Saints celebrates on the Sunday of All Saints (moving holiday) and
St.Savvas of Kalymnos is celebrated on the 5th Sunday of the Fast prior to Easter.

The Monastery of St. Panteleimon with the miraculous image of the Saint, is a small cave enclosed by a couple of walls and the Saint does not accept a door to the Church.
It is being said that He wants to be looking over the distant horizon to the Island of Amorgos, the birthplace of His Mother !                                              
This is the oldest Monastery of the island and during Ottoman rule it operated as a Secret School teaching reading & writing to the locals.  
A Monk takes care of the Monastery now, which celebrates on July 27th, a major occasion every year for the entire island.

The Monastery of The Annunciation at Argos, is a Nunnery, celebrating on  March 25th.
The Monastery of St. Catherine at Vothynous, is a Nunnery, celebrating on November 25th  and 13 days later as per the Gregorian Calendar.
The Monastery of The Ascension of The Lord at Chora, is a Nunnery, celebrating 40 days after Easter.
The Monastery of  The Merciful Virgin (Panagia Eleousa) at Rotsos, is a Nunnery, celebrating  on June 2nd.

There are also The Hermitages of,
• The Holy Cross at Kantouni (photo left)
• St. Andrew, at Chali
• St. Paul
• The Holy Trinity at Chali
• St. Cyprian,at Vothynous
• St. Macrina at Vathi

Historical Churches
The "Christ of Jerusalem" is a three-aisled Basilica, located at Limniotissa, 200 meters west of the old Chora, next to the paved road that leads from the town to Panormos.

The area in which you see the remnants of the Basilica of Christ of Jerusalem now, is the same in which during the pre-Christian times the temple of 
the Delian Apollo was located, the patron olympic god  and protector of Kalymnos. According to inscriptions, the area was the political and religious
center of  ancient Kalymnos. Here were the temples of Apollo  and Asclepius, the theatre, the gymnasium and the voulefterion (parliement).
The arrival of Christianity, after the persecutions by the Roman emperors, brought the subsequent  closure and destruction of the Temple.
The basilica was built in  the 5th century AD, probably destroyed in the mid-sixth century by an earthquake and then rebuilt.
Also 40 meters southeast of the basilica another Church was built, Santa Sophia. In the 7th century though, all was abandoned due to the Arab raids.

From the Basilica of Christ of Jerusalem  only the eastern part has been revealed from the excavations by the Archeologists, the Englishman
Ch. Newton and the Italian M. Serge in 1937.  The arch of the sanctuary in full size is maintained in good condition. Building materials used for the
Church were taken from the ancient temple of Delian Apollo which existed on the same site, such as architectural and inscribed blocks of a building.
The central aisle is paved with large pieces of marble, while the south is covered with a mosaic that includes animals in their natural environment.

Author of the Article
Michael Koutellas,

The Castle of Chrysoheria with the Church of the Virgin              

St. John the Baptist at Melitsaha
- Built on the ruins of the Temple of Artemis

Kalymnian Churches & Parishes,
The neighborhoods of Kalymnos, especially those of Pothia (Kalymnos Town) are determined by the name of each parish church, Christos, Theologos, Kalamiotisa, The Annunciation, The Resurrection, St. Nicholas, St. Stephen, St. Basil, Holy Trinity etc. Some are historical churches, most are quite big in size and more elaborate others are  smaller and simpler, it all depends when they were built as Kalymnos was under Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and last but not least Italian rule. All the Churches however, bear the stamp of the love of their parishioners and show the enormity of religious feeling and sentiment of the local population !


The Holy Cathedral of Kalymnos, The Church of  Christ, dedicated to The Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord,
The Savior Jesus Christ  !  
To Marble Temple is the work of the Father of Giannoulis Halepas, a widely known Greek Sculptor from Tinos,
the Iconography work was by Anthony Karafyllakis, a Kalymnian Icon Painter.


Saint Nicholas at the Port of Kalymnos, Patron Saint of the Sailors and all Seamen in Greece. Especially at Kalymnos, the Island of the Sponge Divers,
on December 6th every year the entire population celebrates along with the Clergy and the local Authorities, not only at the Port with the Litany of the Icon
of Saint Nicholas but also at the many Churches dedicated to Him around the island.

The Church of The Virgin Mary (Panagia Haritomeni, built 1794) with the impressive wooden carved and gilded temple, located
at Chora, the first capital of Kalymnos, has a very interesting story about the finding of the Icon of Our Lady, which adorns the church.
For the construction of the Church, old materials such as columns, capitals, inscriptions, reliefs and blocks) from the ancient
sanctuary of the Delian Apollo were used. Nowadays most of these old elements that were used show in the original places that were
put during construction and are in excellent condition. This is a historic church, a Basilica with three aisles also known as Panagia of
Chora. During the Ottoman occupation the Church served not only as the Island’s Cathedral but also as the Registrar of Kalymnos.
Here you will find old stamps of  sealing wax and a number of historical documents and church memorabilia. While most churches of Kalymnos had
all of their Icons done by one person, this Church of Our Lady, has  representative works of all of the island'’s
great Icon painters. A great tradition of Kalymnos, till our days.

Profitis Elias on the Mountain top        Aghios  Fotios at Kantouni         

Panagia Kyra-Psili at Vathi – The Virgin Mary at Vathi

In Kalymnos, small churches and chapels are numerous and scattered all over the island !  On hillsides, on top of mountains, in the middle of the valleys or even within household courtyards !                                                                              
The Kalymnians, even under occupation, were not afraid to express their faith to God and the Saints of our Church !

For more information, please access, The Diocese of Kalymnos-Leros & Astypalea
www.im-leka.gr  or The Municipality of Kalymnos www.kalymnos-isl.gr