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Myrties - our Village
The Environment & Us
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Myrties Boutique Apartments
Myrties, Kalymnos 85 200 Greece
Tel. : +30.6986285888
Tel. & Fax : +30.22430 47306
E-mail: info@myrtiesboutiqueapartments.gr
GNTO LICENCE: 1143K123K0570501

Environmental & Social Responsibility at «Myrties Boutique Apartments» ! 

At Myrties Boutique Apartments we consider it our duty to help preserve our environment and we encourage our guests, staff and associates to do the same.

We strive to play an active part and support the community in which we operate.

The apartments are built based on traditional Dodecanese architecture, and blend into the island’s natural environment.  The building structure faces the north, thus facilitating cool natural air flow.

The apartments are placed amidst a picturesque landscape containing local plants and flowers that add freshness to the microclimate and allow rainwater to reach the soil.

Myrties Boutique Apartments are equipped with:

  •  Solar collectors for heating water (Kalymnos is blessed with almost 300 days a year of sun shine).
  • Magnetic card keys to activate indoor lights & Air conditioning.
  • Inverter technology Air Conditioning split units for energy efficiency. 
  • Double glassed balcony doors and windows. 
  • Energy efficient light bulbs inside and outside to decrease energy consumption. 
  • Hot and cold water pipe insulation. 
  • Water saving devices with double flow installed in shower mixers & sink taps (without affecting water pressure). 
  • We have an underground rainwater collection system to water our trees, and gardens.  
  • Battery recycling. 
  • Cotton towels & bed linen. 
  • All laundry is done at the hotel and dries out in the sun, without use of dryers.
  • We support local producers and suppliers of products, such as home grown vegetables, local fish, local cheese, sweets etc.

Although Kalymnos does not implement an environmental management system for Recycling yet, we encourage environmental sensitivity and awareness which can blend perfectly with comfortable holidays.  Your personal contribution during your vacation can be really simple.

Here are some tips:

  •  Although the power supply of the Apartments requires your personal magnetic card and is automatically interrupted a few minutes after you leave the room, please make sure that your lights, A/C, TV as well as any other electrical appliances are turned off, whenever you leave the apartment.
  • Put the air conditioner in operation only with closed windows and balcony doors.
  • Ask for new towels only if it is necessary.   

O  Let the towels lying in the bathtub of your bathroom, if they need to be changed.

O  Place the change linen card on the bed to indicate that you want your bed linen changed

  • Place batteries from TV controls, A/C remote controls in the special bin outside the apartments.  All batteries are handed once a year to the company engaged in battery recycling.
  • Support local supplies as much as you can.
  • Do not leave any type of litter on the beach and the surrounding area.
  • Spend a day of your holiday, car free.  Public Bus service is available nearby.


It’s not easy being green but we care to be as green as we can.

We Care, has to do with caring about what is going on – even outside our hotel door.
Ιt has to do with opening our eyes and becoming involved in the world around us.

You can actively contribute to environmental and climate protection.


Thank you for doing your part !

Maria & Danni Sarafoglou


 Green suggestions:

  • Get unplugged: Many people don't realize that their cell phone charger, laptop cable and other electrical plugs drain power while they are plugged in, even if they are not in use. In fact, only 5% of the power used by an average cell phone charger is used to charge the phone - the other 95% is wasted energy!
  • Seize the day: Take advantage of natural light and our long summer evenings as much as possible - it is as renewing for your mood as it is for our planet.
  • Chill out: We let you adjust the room temperature. Always set the temperature around 25 degrees during the summer to maximize both energy efficiency and personal comfort.
  • Lights out: Keeping the bathroom light off overnight will not only make a big impact but it will help you to sleep better. Traveling with a nightlight is an easy, eco-friendly alternative.
  • Save while you sleep: How many of you change your towels daily or linen every other day at home?  Please let the housekeeper know if you don't want your linen to be refreshed.
  • Use common sense: Be sure to turn off your lights, A/C, TV and make sure taps are not dripping before leaving your room.