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THE CAVES OF KALYMNOS, a World of Adventure
Kalymnos offers a big number of caves, some with an archaeological value and others of stone formation value. The Greek Society of  Speleology has recorded some and charted others.
      The Kefala Cave (visited)
One of the most significant ones and very close to Pothia. Located a bit further than the Santa Katerina Monastery in the area of Kefala. Pronounced very interesting by Speleologists because of its corridor which is 103meters long, with enormous stalactites & stalagmites. It was initially recorded as the cave of Zeus and it is believed that it used to be hunting ground of pirates in search of a treasure. It is easily accessible by motor boat and harder by vehicle as you have to drive on a dirt road to get there.
      The Seven Virgins (Nymphs) Cave
An officially charted cave in the vicinity of Flaskas area. It has been associated with the legend of the Seven Nymphs that were sought out by the Pirates. It has been recorded that anathemata and other ancient findings have been discovered in the cave. There is also a small lake inside with steps carved out of stone.
      The Skalia Cave
The cave is 1klm before the village of Skalia, on the right hand side of the road is the opening of the cave with unparallel natural stalactite and crystal decor. Although the interior compensated for the hardship to reach it, it is a steep 6-meters descent for the brave ones.
      The Stimenia Cave
The cave of Stimenia has an upright entrance of 12meters and an exceptional Lithomatico (stone) decor. It is located NE of the valley of Vathi, in an area called St. Nicholas. NW at the same valley two more caves have been found, considered to have been used by primitive habitation. Around the area early Christian & Byzantine ceramics were also found.
      The Daskalio Cave
Situated in the fjord like entrance of the small harbour of Rina at Vathi, it has only one way to be approached by a flight of roughly dug-out steps on the rock. Although it is known that the cave was raided many times, the finding here date back to Mid-Minoan & Post Minoan times therefore they takes us back by 5.000yrs.
      The Hiromandres Cave
It is assumed that this cave, below the Monastery of All Saints at Pothia, was used for housing as well as for worship due to the findings especially of the Neolithic era and the many shells dating back to early Christian times.
      The Pserimos Cave
This is such a recent discovery that apart from the article with many pictures, published in the Greek magazine PANORAMA, it has not received official recognition as of yet. The pictures however are breathtaking.