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Since the late 19th century many inspired Kalymnian artists, painters, sculptors and men of letters, have made their mark on the world of art. Several were the offspring of simple sponge divers who acquired a good education and developed their remarkable talents. The island's culture is also reflected in its museum collections. 

The brand new Archeological Museum : was inaugurated in April 2009 in Town, at the vicinity of Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity Church) shows besides the bronze statue of the Kalymnian Lady, the museum has  many sections of artifacts found on the island starting from Prehistoric times till after the Byzantine times.  



in close proximity to the new Archeological Museum, was the house of Nikolaos Vouvalis (1859-1918) and his wife, a renowned sponge merchant with offices around the world.                                                 He became the leading benefactor of the island.    

The Nautical (Marine) Museum : was established in 1994, shows the marine tradition of kalymnos, the history and the ways of fishing the sponges throughout the years and many artifacts found underwater from ancient shipwrecks.

The Valsamidis Museum of Marine Life (Private Collection) : Located at Vlyhadia, shows many shells, sponges, fish and artifacts of marine life.

The Traditional Kalymnian House  (Private Collection) - Folk Art Museum : located close to the Monastery of Aghios Savvas, The visitor has the chance to see a house of the late 19th οr early 20th century and marvel at how everyday life was in those days. Furniture and every day utensils, the kitchen and how the cooking was done, the baby cribs and the coupleο's sleeping quarters along with the clothing of the family.  

POTHIA - (Kalymnos Town & Port)  

Pothia, the island's capital, is a picturesque town of small, colorful houses piled high on the hills around its harbor in the shape of an amphitheater. The sheltered, south facing harbor is one of the most important in the Aegean Sea as it offers well organized marina services and good ferry, hydrofoil and catamaran connections as well as being home to a large fleet of traditional fishing boats. Pothia's population of some 11.000 live in dense vibrant neighborhoods. The seafront is adorned with shops and lively cafes as well as attractive public buildings in Italianate style, cinemas and a cultural center.
Hora was once the capital town of Kalymnos in the center of the island. On the hilltop of the town stands the big fortress of Byzantine construction, built 300m above sea level. It comprises of ruins of houses, cisterns and 9 Churches, two of which are renowned for their frescoes.   The view from the fortress is simply breathtaking. Below spreads the valley of Pothia and the port, the glow of the sea and the island of Kos at the distant horizon.
Not far from Pothia stands the Ancient Temple of the Kalydnian Apollo, a remnant of the Hellenistic period built in Doric style. Parts of this ancient temple were used to build the Church of Jesus Christ of Jerusalem, believed to have been commissioned by Saint Helen or by the Byzantine Emperor Arcadius.
There are quite a few sites of interest, among them the fortress of Kastelli just past Massouri, the many ancient and byzantine sites on Telendos, the Neolithic fort of Emborio, the tombs at Damos, the walls of Vathi and the Churches and Monasteries with their treasures.
Last but not least, the sponge factories at the port were you will be told about the history of sponge diving, the manufacturing and the exporting of this special natural product.         
The mildness of the weather , with long periods of bright sunshine and low humidity levels, even during the winter months, make staying at Kalymnos ideal. Life on the island remains almost as vibrant and eventful as it is during the summer. It is highlighted by the local traditional culture, religious festivals and fairs, social and family gatherings and events that help Kalymnos live up to the reputation that it is a very lively island throughout the year.