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Kalymnos, the Sponge Divers' Island
,  is situated at the Southeastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is the fourth island in terms of size and the third in terms of population of all the Dodecanese Islands.
Leros is at its northwest and Kos, the Island of Hippocrates, lies northeast.
In antiquity along with Leros they were called “the Kalydne Islands”.
The first residents of the Island were Karres, Leleges & Pelasgi, during prehistoric times Dorians from the Peloponnese immigrated to Kalymnos and this of course explains why the ancient capital of Kalymnos
, is called Argos even today.
Homer, in verse 664-668 of the Iliad, mentions that Kalymnos along with Kos, Nisiros, Kasos & Karpathos, took part in the Trojan War with a force of 30 ships.
After the end of the Persian Wars the island took part in the A’ Athenian Alliance. Then it was conquered by the Spartans and then the Persians before it was freed by Ptolemy, Alexander’s general, in 333 BC.
The Roman conquerors in 144 BC were succeeded by the Byzantines, a period which marked the lives of the islanders by the raids of the Pirates and the Arabs. These raids pushed the people further inland to the mountains, leaving the seaside settlements empty.
In 554 AD a strong earthquake separated Telendos from the land of Kalymnos and this has been the shape and form of the island ever since.
During the Byzantine era the Kalymnians built the Castle of Hora in order to protect themselves from the pirates. As the 14th century begins Kalymnos is taken over by the Knights of the order of Saint John and at this time the smaller Castle of Chrysoheria
is built.
In 1523 AD all the Dodecanese Islands
are handed by the Knights of Saint John to the Ottoman Empire, which much later in 1912 hands them over to Italy.
Italians & Germans were the last ones to occupy the island. 

Kalymnos along with all the
Dodecanese Islands  in 1948, well after the end of World War II were freed and reunited with the rest of Greece.