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Gastronomy & Local Products
Kalymnian Gastronomy
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There are many, taverns and cafes on the island. Although you can taste contemporary food in Kalymnos, it would be interesting to seize the opportunity to try some of the island's special dishes. You should try the sun dried stuffed grape leaves “fylla”, mousaka, stuffed  tomatoes and the Kalymnian greek salad, “mirmizeli”  made with original  Kalymnian “ Kouloures', hard barley rusks eaten initially by the Kalymnian sailors during their long sea trips because it was the only food that could be preserved  for a long time and baked chickpeas with caramelized onions.  Also the “Mouri”, a festive specialty during Easter, it is lamb stuffed with rice baked in an earth port.

Fresh fish you will find in all taverns and restaurants. Try the grilled octopus and octopus fried dumplings (chtapodokeftedes) along with various sea fruits like urchins, oysters  and fouskes that have been caught by local divers that are used in the traditional Spinialo. All these tasty delicacies of the sea are the best “meze” for ouzo.

In Kalymnos, Andrew Zimmerman tried such things as, Kakavia (the fish stew made by sailors/fishermen on the sea), octopus ink sacs dredged in flour and fried (something new even to me who thought she knew all there was to know about the food of Kalymnos!), Kopanisti (creamy goat cheese aged in goat’s skin) and of course the traditional Mouri (the baked stuffed-lamb that graces every Kalymnian table on Easter and special occasions such as baptisms or weddings). He seemed to enjoy himself immensely and was at once taken by the beauty, simplicity of life and hospitality of the people of Kalymnos.

For those with a sweet tooth we suggest,  Galaktoboureko, the famous Greek milk pie is a must try it at the Mihalaras Pastry Shop along the port area. It is arguably the best Galaktoboureko in all of Greece. Kopehai a baklava like sponge cake at  Vouros Pastry Shop. Look for Amygdalota (almond triangles) at Kosmas Pastry Shop near the taxi station and after a hearty dinner try  Loukoumades, the deep fried dumplings sprinkled with the island’s thyme honey and cinnamon.

At night enjoy yourself at the many restaurants, tavernas, ouzeri – the sea food tavernas serving ouzo, cafeterias and bars. Don’t forget to buy some honey to take home as well as some thribi, your greek salad will never be the same !


Some of the Local Gastronomy products of Kalymnos are not just the sea food of the area which is quite special like Spinialo but also
the world famous Kalymnian
Thyme Honey,
Kritharokouloura - the hard wheat dry bread used in the local salad called mirmizelli,
Anama - the sweet wine used in Church for Communion,
Wild Herbs like
Thribi (type of Oregano) and many more,
Mandarins & Pergamons, Oranges & Lemons, the most delicious Citrus collection of all the nearby islands
and much - much more....... at the village of Vathi !
Watch the video of
Andrew Zimmerman - Bizarre Foods to get an idea of the Local Gastronomy and maybe some Recipe Ideas....
Enjoy it !