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Myrties - our Village
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Myrties Boutique Apartments
Myrties, Kalymnos 85 200 Greece
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MYRTIES ( 8 km from Pothia and the Port)
The great number of myrties (myrtles) which existed on the hillside gave its name to the village with the impressive rock formations. Opposite Myrties is the island of Telendos. This seaside village with a long beach of pebbles offers the most magnificent view of Telendos and the seaside cafes & restaurants offer the relaxation required on your holidays. Regular bus transportation will easily take you to Pothia (the Port) or other areas of the island, along with the many taxis that pass by. The boats for Telendos leave every few minutes and the distance of 700 meters is done in about 5 minutes.
This is a very small village at a very short distance from Myrties. A traditional small alcove for the fishing boats right next to the sandy beach with the fish tavernas. On the hilltop you will find the chapel of Saint John the Baptist which dates back to the 15th century and has been built on top of the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis (Diana) with the magnificent mosaic floor.

Telendos, the fisherman’s island opposite Myrties has a distance of only 700 meters and is only 5 minutes away by boat from Myrties. Very few residents live permanently on the island yet during the summer it is bustling with life. Long ago Telendos was united with Kalymnos. A devastating earthquake in 554 AD separated this beautiful island from Kalymnos. Proof of them being connected are the ruins that lie at the bottom of the sea between the two islands, which are visible, when the weather conditions allow, during the crossing to Telendos. Telendos apart from its touristic interest is of great historical importance. Many ruins are scattered throughout the island from ancient tombs of prehistoric times to an early Christian Necropolis to early Byzantine Churches.


Stroll in the narrow paths of the island where there are no cars or other vehicles, walk towards the little pine-tree forest, enjoy dives at Hohlakas Beach or a calm swim at Potha Beach and marvel at how the Ancients knew how to pick marvelous locations to make their settlements. At the water front, cafes, restaurants and fish tavernas offer freshly cooked dishes and the cafeterias refreshing drinks and ice cream. The locals are mainly occupied with fishing and lately with tourism.
Sights of Telendos

MASOURI (9 km from Pothia & The Port)
Masouri is the village after Myrties at the west side of Kalymnos again opposite Telendos. This is the tourist center of the island and a hot spot for holiday makers ! Picturesque area with imposing rock formations, it is the starting point of the climbing trails which have made Kalymnos the climber’s “paradise”. Masouri offers the longest sandy beach on the island, inside-out.           
Restaurants, shops, nightclubs, etc make Masouri a summer must !
Don’t forget to visit the chapel of Saint John on the rock with the panoramic view !