Myrties Boutique Apartments at Kalymnos Island


Μyrties 9.5 klm  from the Port and Pothia (Kalymnos Town)

The many myrtles that existed gave their name to the settlement and to Panagia Myrtiotissa (the little Chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary on the hilltop). Facing Myrties, is the island of Telendos with its impressive rocks. Myrties have the privilege of having the gentlest and most beautiful view towards Telendos and a nice pebbly beach very efficient for families. In the area there are many restaurants, bars and caffes, mini markets and a few tourist shops. There is frequent bus service to Town and other areas of the island.

From the port of Myrties all year round and especially during the summer, boats depart for Telendos. The crossing takes less than 5 minutes. Enjoy an evening crossing for dinner at a sea food tavern and on your way back marvel at the panoramic views and the silver moonlight over the lagoon.


Melitsahas at a very short distance behind Myrties is the settlement of Melitsahas. Traditional little port and shelter of the fishing boats on the other side of the beach. Fish tavernas  by the beach offer fresh sea food. On the hill is the very old Chapel of Saint John the Baptist, built on the ruins of the ancient temple of Artemis with its amazing mosaics.

Telendos is the island located directly opposite the tourist area of ​​Myrties with its houses all facing the sea front that separates the island from the rest of Kalymnos. There are few residents who live permanently on the island, very lucky to live in a place that has no motor vehicles and they are blessed with peace and tranquility.

The distance that separates the 2 islands is 850 m. and the transport is carried out by taxi boats from the port of Myrties.

Telendos was once united with Kalymnos. A devastating earthquake occurred in 554 AD separating the island from the rest of Kalymnos. An example of the union that existed are the ruins located on the bottom of the sea bed between the two islands which are visible during the transport to Telendos, when the weather conditions allow it.

Apart from its touristic interest, Telendos also has historical importance. It was an ancient and Byzantine settlement. Scattered on the island are ruins mainly from the very early Christian period but also Ancient Mycenaean tholaria (the domed tombs). Worship the Miraculous Virgin of Telendos. Walk through its narrow little alleys, climb towards the pine forest, sit in its wonderful fish taverns and enjoy your food or coffee next to the calmness of the waves. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in fishing and in recent years tourism. Beautiful beaches for swimming are Hohlakas and Potha.

Masouri is the village after Myrties west of Kalymnos also opposite Telendos. The heart of the tourist area  with a long sandy beach favored by the younger crowd. It is also a picturesque tourist area that leads to Armeos and out towards the imposing rock formations like Grande Grotta and beyond, it is considered the beginning of the climbing area of ​​the island.

In the area you will find many restaurants and bars, jewelry and tourist shops and climbing gear shops.

An attraction of Massouri is the picturesque Chapel  of Saint John with the magnificent view favored by young couples for their summer weddings.