Myrties Boutique Apartments at Kalymnos Island

Rock Climbing

Kalymnos has been voted in the past the No.1 European Climbing Destination offering rock climbing and bouldering throughout the year. Especially during early spring and autumn, you may enjoy pleasant climbing temperatures. A lot has been done in the past 20 or so years, since the quality of the Kalymnian lime stone and the unsurpassed rocky formations started attracting not only the Best of the World’s faithful Climbers but also young and mature crowds that wish to enjoy the great experience of the rocks with the breathtaking views and the sea bed underneath them.

Kalymnos offers over 3.900 organized trails of every difficulty level, that are within easy reach, and as the Visitor Numbers increase every year, the island as of 2013 offers a Rescue Team which helps in rough areas with medical assistance when needed. The potential for new routes and new areas on the island is enormous, 200 new routes opening annually with an average of 10.000 Climber Arrivals per year.

Surrounded by some of the finest limestone crags in the world, the Grande Grotta cave forms a giant limestone amphitheater, the island provides a huge range of climbing on slabs, big walls, overhangs, and tufas to suit every level and style.

Kalymnos is maybe the most important climbing destination worldwide right now, as our island has everything a climber may wish for, such as abundance of challenging rock formations but also simplicity and authenticity.

Every year the very famous within the Climbing Community, Climbing Festival of Kalymnos takes place, attracting climbers from all over the world. Its fans come into contact with world-renowned athletes of the sport and enjoy scheduled concerts, cultural events and the local gastronomy.