Myrties Boutique Apartments at Kalymnos Island

Scuba & Sponge Diving & Fishing

DIVING: Kalymnos has been a magnet for diving lovers for years. It has, in addition to its lively sponging tradition, an enchanting underwater wealth, caves, wrecks and cliffs, in safe, warm waters with an amazing clarity of 35 meters, that is, it offers unexplored landscapes for the independent, free diver. The island’s Hospital has a Hyperbaric Chamber and Kalymnos has the only State School of Scuba Diving, as well as private Diving Centers which offer enjoyable holidays for local and foreign lovers of the sport.

Kalymnos has been known since antiquity as the Island of Natural Sponges. Their technique has been carried all the way to the Gulf of Mexico in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The sea has always been the dominant element of the island’s life which still maintains its traditional color and style. Kalymnos has the largest coastal fishing fleet in Greece.

Visit one of the natural sponge processing warehouses. This is the only way you might get to know a small part of the sponge culture that has nourished generations and generations of Kalymnians, often paid with a very high cost, their lives!

DIVING: Sponge Diving has been the Kalymnian way of life for centuries. Up till not so long ago, it was the work with which most Kalymnians raised their Families. In recent years however Sponge Diving has evolved and replaced by Scuba Diving whether for business or pleasure. Kalymnos  offers private Diving Centers and the only State Diving Academy in the country.

SAILING: Set sail from the island by chartering the yacht of your dreams, bareboat or with a skipper and discover the Greek Archipelagos. Kalymnos harbor is the ideal base from which to set sail or return to, for a sailing holiday.

FISHING: Try out the local fishing methods by embarking on a small wooden fishing boat – kaiki – or by joining an organized fishing trip. Kalymnos has the biggest coastal fishing fleet in the country.