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Cultural & Religious Routes

Apart from being the island of the Natural Sponges, Kalymnos is also known as the island of Arts and Literature. The children of the old Divers, study, develop, get to know the world and excel with their talent in the Arts & Sciences inside and outside of Kalymnos. Painting and especially Holy Icon  painting flourished. In the tour of the large and small Churches of the island you will admire their works and especially in the old Cathedral of Panagia ot Chora.

*Monasteries & Churches

The Monastery of All Saints with the Church of Saint Savvas of Kalymnos (fairly recent Saint) overlooking the port

  • The Monastery of Saint Panteleimon at Panormos.
  • The Monastery of the Virgin, high up overlooking Vathy.
  • The Sanctuaries of the Holy Cross at Kantouni, Saint Andrew at Hali and so many other Monasteries and Historical Churches.

The neighborhoods of Kalymnos, especially those of Pothia (Kalymnos Town) are determined by the name of each parish church, Christos, Theologos, Kalamiotisa, The Annunciation, The Resurrection, St. Nicholas, St. Stephen, St. Basil, Holy Trinity etc. Some are historical churches, most are quite big in size and more elaborate, others are  smaller and simpler, it all depends when they were built as Kalymnos was under Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and last but not least Italian rule. All the Churches however, bear the stamp of the love of their parishioners and show the enormity of religious feeling and sentiment of the local population !

Overlooking the harbor is the Monastery of All Saints and the Church of Agios Savvas of Kalymnos, a recently proclaimed Saint of the Orthodox Faith, he was the disciple of Agios Nektarios of Aegina. Saint Savvas resided in the Monastery and was its Chaplain!

The Holy Cathedral Church of Kalymnos, The Church of Christ the Savior, is dedicated to the Holy Transfiguration of our Lord, the Savior Jesus Christ!

The Church of Saint Nicholas at the port, Patron Saint of sailors. Especially in Kalymnos, the island of Sponge Divers, on December 6th every year the entire population celebrates together with the clergy and local authorities, not only in the port with the litany of the icon of Saint Nicholas, but also in the many churches dedicated to his Grace. This Church was built by the Sponge Divers who dedicated their last dive of the season and the sponges they caught were collected and dedicated to Saint Nicholas.

The Church of Panagia Kecharitomeni (The Virgin) at Chora (right under the Byzantine Castle), the first capital of the island, built in 1794 with its impressive wood-carved and gilded temple, has a great collection of religious paintings from all the Kalymnian artists of the time which adorn the church. Panagia of Chora was not only the first Cathedral Church of the island but also the Registry Office of that time.




The new Archaeological Museum – opened in April 2009 in Pothia, apart from the beautiful bronze statue of the “Daughter of Kalymnos” you can also admire findings from the Prehistoric era all the way to Byzantine times.

The Vouvalis Mansion – on the other side of the Archaeological Museum’s garden is the House of Nikolaos Vouvalis (1859-1918) and his wife. The leading sponge merchant of Kalymnos with offices around the world and a central office in London. Nikolaos Vouvalis is also the Great Benefactor of Kalymnos.

The Maritime Museum – founded in 1994, is centrally located on the waterfront in Town and showcases the maritime tradition of Kalymnos, the history and methods of sponge fishing throughout the years as well as many items found from ancient shipwrecks in the area.

The Traditional “Kalymnian House” (Private collection) – Folklore Museum located near the Monastery of Agios Savvas, in Vlychadia. Visitors have the opportunity to see a house in the late 19th – early 20th century and marvel at what everyday life was like at that time. Furniture and everyday utensils, such as the kitchen and cooking, diapers and baby clothes and the couple’s space and the family’s clothes.