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Kalymnos – Villages & Beaches

Pothia & the Port of Kalymnos – View from Saint Savvas
Pothia & the Port of Kalymnos – View from Saint Savvas

Start your journey from the beautiful capital Pothia, which is also the Port of the island which offers infrastructure and marina facilities, built in between two mountains. High on the steep hill, is the Monastery of All Saints with the Holy Church of Ag. Savvas of Kalymnos, the city stretches to the outskirts of the Castles of Chora and Chrysocheria.

Saint Savvas overlooking the port
Saint Savvas overlooking the port
Το Χωριό, η παλιά Χώρα της Καλύμνου με το Βυζαντινό της Κάστρο.
Chorio, the old capitol of Kalymnos with its Byzantine Castle

The greater area of Panormos with Kantouni, Linaria and Platys Gialos at the end

All three beaches are located in the village of Panormos. Kantouni is a sandy beach and is characterized by its youthful pulse. It is no coincidence that the most popular youth hangouts of the island are located in Kantouni, open almost 24 hours a day. At a breath’s distance are the smaller Linaria just behind the rock. Platy Gialos awaits you with a beach of black pebbles, with deep crystal clear waters & a view of the endless blue of the Aegean.

Το Μασσούρι, ίσως η πιο τουριστική περιοχή της Καλύμνου.
Massouri is the most tourist area of Kalymnos.


Vathi with its natural long fjord and the picturesque little port of Rina. Vathi is the only valley of Kalymnos known for its citrus fruit production of tangerines, lemons,  oranges and vegetables.

In the area there are several options for swimming. Inside the little port of Rina there is a small pebbly beach. A quieter option are the small coves outside the harbor cove, Limenari and Kambi, further north are Megales and Mikres Armyres. Simply beautiful!


Arginota is a small village in the green area in the middle of the bay by the same name. Their beach has pebbles, it is quite long, with a few trees and blue-green waters.




Emporios is located at the NW end of the island with a pebbly tranquil beach favored by many. The village offers restaurants, cafes and tavernas on the beach.



In Vlychadia there are two adjacent beaches in the coves formed by the bay. One is sandy and the other pebbly. Both are equally crowded. The waters are relatively shallow and are a very good choice for families with children.