Myrties Boutique Apartments at Kalymnos Island

Hiking & Trekking

Those who are less inclined to rock climbing shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enrich their island experiences, with several mountain trekking distances, they can explore walking trails used by locals in the past, enjoy mountain bike riding, or even go for a simple ride along the coastal route admiring the sea view.

Soon all the Hiking & Trekking Paths and Trails of Kalymnos will be signaged and marked properly also advising the cultural significance of the way and where they lead too plus proper informational material will be created.

Also a variety of walks allow young and old alike, to enjoy the impressive scenery and the profusion of wild herbs and flowers which cover the mountains and are responsible for the world renowned Kalymnian honey. Herbal Tours are available on the island.

The island also offers a big number of caves, some with an archaeological value and others of stone formation value. The Greek Speleological Society has recorded some and charted others.