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Kalymnian Gastronomy

An extension of the kalymnian topography is the kalymnian gastronomy and how it has evolved over the years!

In order to understand the Kalymnian gastronomy, we must highlight the occupations of the inhabitants from early on. They are islanders, fishermen and sponge divers but also shepherds   (many times both at the same time, shepherds in the winter, fishermen and sponge divers in the summer), agriculture was always limited mainly at the valley of Vathi. So we have the gastronomy of the sea, of the shepherds, but also the urban gastronomy.

As far as the interesting local pastries are concerned, we have the imported recipes that have either remained as they were or have been modified, brought to the wives by the traveling Sponge Merchants of the past couple of centuries and also by the repatriating immigrants more recently

In recent years many, taverns and cafes have opened their doors and every year we welcome new taste arrivals on the island. Now you may have a taste of everything, traditional and modern, street food and fine – dining, wine bars and meze places. It would be interesting to seize the opportunity and try some of the island’s special dishes. You should try the sun dried stuffed grape leaves “fylla”, the Kalymnian Greek salad is called “mirmizeli”  and it includes the original  Kalymnian “ Kouloures‘, the hard barley rusks. “Revithia sto fourno”   are the baked chickpeas with caramelized onions in an earth pot.  Also the “Mououri”, a festive specialty during Easter, it is lamb stuffed with rice and herbs also baked in an earth port.

On Kalymnos fresh fish and sea-food are done in many different ways. Try the grilled octopus and the octopus fried dumplings (chtapodokeftedes) along with various sea fruits like urchins, oysters and fouskes that have been caught by local divers that are used in the traditional Spinialo. All these tasty delicacies of the sea are the best “meze” for ouzo.

For those with a sweet tooth we suggest, Galaktoboureko, the famous Greek milk pie is a must, try it at the Mihalaras Pastry Shop along the port area. It is arguably one of the best Galaktoboureka in all of Greece. Kopehai, a baklava like sponge cake at Vouros Pastry Shop. Look for Amygdalota (almond triangles) at Kosmas Pastry Shop near the taxi station and after a hearty dinner try Loukoumades or Yristes, the deep fried dumplings sprinkled with the island’s thyme honey and cinnamon.

On Departure you may want to purchase Spinialo or the Cooperative Sea Food Delicatessen products of the Fish Market. The world famous Kalymnian Thyme Honey is a must and Kritharokouloura, the hard wheat dry bread used in the local salad called mirmizeli, is another proposition. Anama – the sweet wine used for Communion in Church, is also a very nice Dessert Wine. Herbs like Thribi (type of Oregano), Rosemary, Basil, Mint and many more. Mandarins & Pergamons, Oranges & Lemons, when in season and much – much more…at the village of Vathi !