Myrties Boutique Apartments at Kalymnos Island


Rock climbing in Kalymnos

With so many amazing climbing spots and jaw-dropping scenery, Kalymnos has become a landmark for climbing enthusiasts from all around the world. Few destinations have had such a steep rise in fame in the climbing world as Kalymnos. Thousands of routes for all levels, limestone cliffs and a seemingly endless gift[…]

Kalymnos So authentic, you can’t help but dive right in

Home of the famous sponge divers, this island in the Dodecanese is ideal for modern-day adventurers and aspiring rock climbers Are you looking for somewhere pure and pristine? Do you crave simplicity and authenticity? Do you like serenity, relaxation and outdoor recreation? Are you mad about rock climbing, scuba diving, or[…]

8 top things to do in Kalymnos

Famous for its sponge divers and rugged landscape, Kalymnos has also become a landmark destination for rock climbers. But that’s just the start of what this Dodecanese island in the Aegean Sea has to offer. Welcome to our top things to do on your holidays in Kalymnos, from scuba diving sites and[…]